I'm putting my money on New York

This compilation is incredibly ecclectic, but solid from front to back. There's something new, something old, something borrowed. On the borrowed tip, Nino Moschella has a nice neo Prince/Stevie Wonder thing going on. It's more successful than Shawn Lee's "La Ballade De Mela" which sounds EXACTLY like Pink Floyd covering Lionel Richie's "Hello."

Other standouts include Breakestra's "Family Rap" and "How Do You Really Feel (Cut Chemsit Atkins Edit)" and Radio City's blustery instrumental "Prophets."

But the track that leapt into my brain and doesn't seem to be in an hurry to leave, is Quantic's superperky remix of Ohmega Watts' "That Sound". It recalls for me KMD or The Pharcyde. Days when rap shucked and jived and wasn't afraid to have some fun.

Ohmega Watts is a Portland, Oregon rapper by way of Brooklyn. His 2005 release "The Find" proves him to be a conversant and versatile talent. He shows a preference for using real instrumentation where possible, and favors jazz-funk arrangements, as evidenced on the Pete Rockesque "Outro/Dream On."