I wasn't having much success googling Dorando

Those of you lucky enough to have visited Soul Sides last week would have downloaded the sublime soul tearjerker "Didn't I" from the obscure Bay Area singer Dorando.

If you missed it, its available on Gilles Peterson's Digs America: Brownswood U.S.A.

This may have had something to do with the fact that his name is actually "Darondo", and a typo switched the A and O on the original "Didn't I" 45.

It appears Ubiquity is set to release a Darondo disc in the coming months. In the meantime, I found another song of his on a new compilation Ubiquity has put together for download only: The Shape Of Things To Come. Preview and download the ones you like at iTunes, or better yet, eMusic. It seems Ubiquity's plan is to release these e-mixtapes quarterly.

"Let My People Go" doesn't have that great weightlessness about it that "Didn't I" does, but its a fine song nevertheless, one practically drowning in its own bass.